Sunday, May 08, 2011

LOVE can't teach us a lesson on 'hate' but 'hate' always need a lesson to learn on 'love'.

1. Those who think that life has not given them anything must think first what they have done for the life.
2. The world is too small to 'LOVE' but too big to 'HATE. So, bring the world close and spread the 'love' among all.
3. Bringing someone close to our heart is easy but keeping him/her in our heart is a tough task and those who could do it will always live a peaceful life.
4. My words are directly coming from my mind but these are meaningless if unable to touch your heart. 
5. A train can never run without a trek n so is our life. So fix d trek n reach safely to d destination.
6. If I m d one in ur heart then I m lucky but if u r d one in my heart then I m d luckiest one. So plz give me a chance to keep u in my heart.
7. LOVE can't teach us a lesson on 'hate' but 'hate' always need a lesson to learn on 'love'.
8. Success is not just a word but its a complete package and a milestone that e'one want to achieve.
9. Men always need thousand reasons to celebrate them one time but women need one reason to celebrate them thousand times.
10. Love is not something that could be achieved in seconds but it can be exchanged and shared with a deep feelings for someone. It could turn to both ways.. love or lust but final winner is who believe in purity of this love.