Thursday, December 08, 2011

Join both hands together and pray to God as this day could be the best day of your life... Enjoy e'day as never before day.

1. Love them who stay in your eyes and forget them who were in your eyes but now coming out with tears.

2. We always remember two persons in our life, One who creates a feelings of 'love' in our life and the other who scraps those feelings.

3. Life, the only opportunity that needs to be taken care of and then enjoyed to its fuller length.

4. We can't forget the moment when we felt first time that THE 'love' started within.

5. The peace is not when we are talking to a person outside. The peace is when we are talking to the person living inside, within us.. self recognition. Improve your meditative powers and live a peaceful life. Listen to everyone but stay with your own decisions.

6. Life is not a gamble and so never play it like a gamble as you may lose most of the happiness that was available and things that were meant for you only.

7. Love should not be a word to speak and start .. it should be a permanence, a standstill and a lifelong commitment.

8. Whenever we raise our finger towards sky, we want to touch the star that shines brighter than others..

9. You can't hold your breath when things become possible as per your wish.

10. Join both hands together and pray to God as this day could be the best day of your life... Enjoy e'day as never before day.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


1. Look at someone, care for someone, need for someone, love to someone but don't ever ignore 'some' for that 'one'.. Others also need your love in their life.

2. Never ignore your critics as they are the right person to judge your faults and give you an opportunity to remove your shortcomings.

3. Let the love start today.. Nobody knows what would happen tomorrow.. Let it be the part of life from this moment only.

4. A difference created or a difference maintained, in both the conditions we are the losers. A difference avoided or a difference ignored, in both the conditions we are not earning or gaining anything. A difference removed or a difference is cleared, in both the conditions we'd be getting e'thing that we need in the life.

5. No limit in LOVE.. forget rest of the things if LOVE comes in the life. Allow it to capture your whole heart and then mind and then complete body. It should reflect from every action of your body.

6. Commit, accept and then respect but never suspect or regret, never interrogate. This is the beginning of true love.

7. Things gets polished and shine more when rubbed with the love among friends.

8. A genuine thought is routed always through our heart with its origin of our mind and reaching the destination of your mind and heart both :-)))

9. Living with a smile in this world costs nothing but generates lots of other smiles around us without any cost.

10. Fake energy in expressing the Love is more common these days than the real one.

Monday, October 31, 2011

One word 'love' drives the whole 'world'

1. Living together without 'like' and liking without 'living together'. Both situation bring pain but first one is surely going to bring a disaster to life and second one will always give a meaning to life.

2. Sometime we want to stay away from them who are living in our heart and sometime we want to get a room in other's heart who are nowhere related to us.. This is the strange world of 'love', 'attraction' and 'passion'.

3. One word 'love' drives the whole 'world'.

4. Love speaks but with a silent tongue.

5. True love always speaks through our eyes and people with love can understand it easily.

6. The life in which we can surrender ourselves to someone is the real life and rest is simply living and wasting of every hour.

7. Speaking without understanding the subject matter means speaking for nothing.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Break the barrier in love but never break the love for barriers.

1. A perfect man is not the one who remove all problems from his life easily. A perfect man is the one who never become a problem for others too.

2. Ask the person to live in your heart who really know the value of your feelings and treasure your heart.

3. Break the barrier in love but never break the love for barriers.

4. Success - It was a dream.
Success - It was an ambition.
Success - It was a try.
Success - It could be a failure.
Success - It was a re-try.
Success - It needs to be a reality.
Success - It is here but with dedication

5. If you ever get a chance to speak with your own heart then ask him not to breath for each n every one and choose the right one to breath :-)))))

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hard to get the things that we like but a 'TRY' and 'HOPE' is always there.

1. Wind never blow in one direction always and so is our life.  Joy and happiness can be replaced with pain n sorrow and so we should prepare ourselves for the same.

2. If I am on the driving seat I shouldn't hear others as the control is in my hand and I know better how and where to move.

3. Starting your day with a prayer means resuming your previous day's leftover talks with the God.

4. Hard to get the things that we like but a 'TRY' and 'HOPE' is always there.

5. Pains and Sorrows -- Everybody gets but nobody believes and keeps on saying "why me only".
Smile and happiness -- Nobody is sure but everybody want the same every moment and keeps on saying "now and then".

6. Love happens when frequency of one heart reaches through broadcast to station of another heart.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Love can remove all the pains.

1. Sensation is the prime key to enjoy the presence of the person you like the most.

2. There is no need to live or enjoy the moment of passion with the person you love as loving him/her itself is the most passionate feeling and keeps us alive with full of peace and happiness.

3. Life full of love is the life full of happiness.

4. We can express our love in few words but we can't hold this love for a whole life unless our words are supported with our heart beats.

5. Love can remove all the pains.

6. Beauty shines more when we admire it and appreciate it.

7. No one can measure the depth of the Sea and so is our heart. Hard to find the depth but always giving a floating sensation and a sailing journey.

8. The morning rays always come to us but very few enjoy the rising Sun.   But friends always enjoy every second with memory of our loving friends.

9. Nobody knows from where this happiness comes but is it necessary to search for a happiness? Happiness can never be searched as it is created inside.

10. We can't become a role model for e'thing but we could become a small part of that chain of role models which brings a motion in the life.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Whenever I spread my arms in front of the big sky, I feel the whole sky in my arms and it gives me an inner satisfaction that the world is not out of my reach.

1. Problems in our life are not meant for trouble but these problems teaches us how to tackle them and makes us more n more strong.

2. No one is perfect in this world but everyone is having his/her own perfection qualities to enjoy the life.

3. Our PAST never tells us to cry for things happened in past but it gives us courage to learn from it and enjoy your TODAY and plan for the FUTURE.

4. Never look behind if you think that problems are chasing you but always keep your eyes open to find the solutions for every problem.

5. Someone's physical absence doesn't matter if he/she is present in our heart.

6. A heart full of love is the most beautiful thing that we can have from this life.

7. Never cry for things you lost on your way. Take it as an experience for future path of happiness and success.

8. If we can give a moment of joy and happiness to others then do it immediately as the very next moment the same will be back to you with lot of happiness.

9. Never stop your feelings and emotions for someone as it is the only media through which we can touch the soul of your loved ones.

10. Whenever I spread my arms in front of the big sky, I feel the whole sky in my arms and it gives me an inner satisfaction that the world is not out of my reach.

Life is happy if your GF become your wife but life is more beautiful when your wife become your GF also.

1. The success of life is not moving ahead alone. The real success is when we move along with others so that others' can also enjoy our success.

2. A friend can change our life and bring all the smiles on our face whenever we are in need of that....

3. Our words work in two ways, one it can have a knife way which cuts e'thing and the other cure way which heals e'thing. The second way is our treasure and we should keep it always with us. Good morning friends.

4. With or without, loved or to be loved, having or waiting, hopes are always alive for a positive response.

5. How can I bring the joy on others' face is not important but how can I enjoy the joy on others' face is more important. Good morning friends in 'Living by Heart'

6. We can bring someone close to us but can't keep them forever unless we share our best love with them. So, think of a life full of love and avoid distances.

7. A person is sweet not because he/she is good to others but he/she is sweet coz he/she lives in our heart.

8. It is always good to hear them who appreciate us but it is better to keep our ears on the critics with cool as they can tell us better about our shortcomings.

9. Shouting or crying is not a solution of any problem. If we are not satisfied with someone or his/her act then we should not loose our temper or cool as going hyper will reduce our thinking power and give others a reason to laugh on us.

10. Life is happy if your GF become your wife but life is more beautiful when your wife become your GF also.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Never allow your mind to stop you when your heart want to say something to someone.

1. There is no need of words to understand love but words can take this love to new heights.
2.  Fighting a battle n living with love are same as both needs dare n courage, dedication to go through.
3. The value of a gift can never be assessed until it is unwrapped completely.... life is also a gift and we all need to unwrap it, read it n understand it before reacting.
4. Never allow your mind to stop you when your heart want to say something to someone. 
5. Never think that you'll loose or gain a lot in a day. Just think that how much experience you gain out of every loss and how much you can sacrifice or share with others out of your gain.
6.  Life is a complete bouquets of happiness, sorrows, pains & hopes. We have to decide the best way to pick them up.
7. Sun rays fall on e'thing on this Earth but things which have power to glow can only shine brighter in those rays.
8. Others can only boost up our confidence but can't take it to new heights... It is only our will power n self motivational capability which help us to take it to new height... So, always believe in your power only.
9. The relations between friends is like two parallel lines. The togetherness can be enjoyed till the lines are running parallel. Any diversion of even a centimeter may cause either a clash or the increasing distance between two.
10. We can expect something from our kids only if we r fully attached to them. Ignorance once may really cause a difference for lifetime.

If u wanna b happy then feel like nothing is better than things available with u.

1.Never give up your hopes as this is your journey path for a successful life.
2. If we are unable to laugh in our life then the life will laugh on us.
3. Regrets doesn't mean that u hv downgraded yourself. Regret means u hv upgraded yourself n come out of the wrongs you did in the past.
4. Love starts silently but ends with an explosion which may take life of one or both.
5. Love never comes in instalments. It is one time deal and must be accepted in full only.
6. Most of the people in todays world are living Ghosts and more harmful and deadly than the real GHost.
7. Something written on a piece of paper can be changed or erased but something written on our heart can never. Our mind is like a paper. So write all good things on ur heart n bad things on that paper.
8. If u wanna b happy then feel like nothing is better than things available with u.
9. Our day should start with a prayer to God n I m sure that it'll end with hundreds of blessings from HIM.
10. We always pray for self. Let us pray for others today n u'll be surprised that thousands of prayers coming to ur way.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What could be the best message of the day? The one not catching your eyes but the one capturing your heart.

1. Something that attracts you is not always for your benefit, it may hurt you once you choose to go for it.
2. I can change my mind but how can I change my priorities which always starts with you and ends at you only.
3. Never surrender to a person if you are unable to take a proper decision in your life.
4. Simple problems sometime take more time to solve and difficult one are solved easily. Life is like that. Easy going always gives better results
5. What could be the best message of the day? The one not catching your eyes but the one capturing your heart.
6. Those who think that the courage will automatically come after falling in love are wrong as they need courage first to fall in love and then only can enjoy the beauty of love.
7. Bring the passion in your love and the love will bring back full excitement in your life.
8. Open your heart but only 'ENTER' gate and not the 'EXIT' one.
9. We are lucky if we have feelings for others but we are the luckiest if others have got same feelings for us.
10. Whenever looking on the top and trying to reach there, never forget to check your steps on the stairs as little negligence can cause a slipping down.

A diverted mind can never bring the passion in relationship.

1. A step further could take us to our destiny..We all need a courage to take that one step..
2. Getting the heart of a woman is like climbing on Mt.Everest and those dedicated and determined only can do that.
3. If I have to exchange something with you then I'd like to exchange your nature with mine as I like you as YOU.
4. No doubt that experience give us courage to use the right path in future but still we love go the previous way. Why so? Just because to get something which couldn't be received in PAST.
5. Whenever we take a step in love we never think about rest of the steps as foot automatically starts walking deep into it.
6. A diverted mind can never bring the passion in relationship.
7. We are nothing if we are unable to recognize the one who is ready to share with us his/her e'thing.
8. Beauty can be a reason to fall in love but can't be a guarantee to stay in love forever. It needs good understanding between two.
9. We need only few emotionally spoken words to bring someone into heart rather to use thousands of words without emotions.
10. Love makes someone perfect in seconds because our heart accept him as the only one meant for us.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

LOVE can't teach us a lesson on 'hate' but 'hate' always need a lesson to learn on 'love'.

1. Those who think that life has not given them anything must think first what they have done for the life.
2. The world is too small to 'LOVE' but too big to 'HATE. So, bring the world close and spread the 'love' among all.
3. Bringing someone close to our heart is easy but keeping him/her in our heart is a tough task and those who could do it will always live a peaceful life.
4. My words are directly coming from my mind but these are meaningless if unable to touch your heart. 
5. A train can never run without a trek n so is our life. So fix d trek n reach safely to d destination.
6. If I m d one in ur heart then I m lucky but if u r d one in my heart then I m d luckiest one. So plz give me a chance to keep u in my heart.
7. LOVE can't teach us a lesson on 'hate' but 'hate' always need a lesson to learn on 'love'.
8. Success is not just a word but its a complete package and a milestone that e'one want to achieve.
9. Men always need thousand reasons to celebrate them one time but women need one reason to celebrate them thousand times.
10. Love is not something that could be achieved in seconds but it can be exchanged and shared with a deep feelings for someone. It could turn to both ways.. love or lust but final winner is who believe in purity of this love.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Someone can attract us but can't attach to us until there is a inner feeling to get attached with someone.

1. Adding someone to our friend list is easy but adding the same person to our heart list is bit difficult.
2. Believe in every step you take as every step could be the one taking you to the success.
3. We can never read the heart of a person until we are fully attached to it.
4. Love gives us all the opportunities to find the right person but the path to reach is unknown and we have to explore that path only.
5. Sometime people who love us are waiting for open arms but we can't read their wish.
6. We are a complete package of fun and joy but could hardly manage to reach the right person at right time.
7. Perfection is not a guarantee but it is a quality or ability that one could develop in him/her.
8. It is good to speak few words but with 'love' and 'respect' than speaking a lot with 'hate' and 'disrespect'.
9. I asked God to give me some more 'HEARTS' so that I can distribute them into my friends. God smiled and said I have already done the job from your side and now you try to findout those HEARTS. I think one of them is with 'you' who is reading it right now.
10. Someone can attract us but can't attach to us until there is a inner feeling to get attached with someone.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sometime words speak and sometime heart speaks

1. Winning spirit is good but winning spirit at any cost is not always good.
2. whenever we abuse others our whole body n heart cries and no one care for that but when we praise others our whole body smiles and e'body can feel it.
3. Sometime words speak and sometime heart speaks but e'time we are touched with the emotions involved into it. So, let all the words gather together to force the heart to speak their language in it's own style. And e'body knows that when heart speaks it always speaks the language of 'love'
4. The non-receiving of the things we wish can disappoint us but can't stop us to wish for the same. So, keep all the hopes alive and have faith in your inner powers.
5. 'Love' shown by expression is better than the 'love' shown by passion because 'love' with 'passion' can be spontaneous and may leave us without 'love' soon. 

Saturday, April 09, 2011

no one is inferior or better than other

1. We can never expect a good day everyday but we can hope for at least one good thing everyday so that we can feel the day as the best day of the life.
2. My journey started with crippling and others taught me how to move. I am still learning from others how to live and after some time I'd be learing how to die. So, I am always a student who learn on every step from the people around me.
3. We can ask someone to come close to us but we can't force them to come so close that we can feel them in our heart. It needs a good understanding between two to feel close to each others' heart.
4. If you want to learn something from someone then learn it from leaves who give life to us when they are on tree by giving fresh air and to tree after falling on earth by changing into manure.
5. We can't expect a sword to work like a needle and similarly a needle is useless where the sword is needed which means e'body has got his/her importance and no one is inferior or better than other.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hate kills one's own identity.

1. Prayer is a media to communicate with the God but service to mankind is a direct approach to God.

2. Love is not something to be shown to someone but it is something to be felt with someone.

3. Hate kills one's own identity.

4. Reaching to new heights is always good but it can create new distance from loved ones. The real climber is who can break the distance barriers with every new height.
5. We always fly on the wings of our imaginations.

Monday, March 21, 2011

It is good to keep our critics with us rather to keeping them who always praise us.

1. It is our lack of knowledge that we always wait for the happy moment rather to enjoy every moment with happiness.

2. There are thousands of stars in the sky but we get Daylight with one which is close to our earth. This happens in real life too. There are millions of people around this world but we get HAPPINESS with those who are close to our heart.

3. We all need a soap of happiness to wash the dusty cover of sadness on our life.

4. It is good to keep our critics with us rather to keeping them who always praise us.

5. Hiding the truth is bad but trying to prove a lie as it was a truth is worst and most dangerous.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love is perfect when there is only "We" and no "I" or "You".

1. Most of the people are themselves responsible for their break-up but always blame others for the same.

2. How can I say that someone is close to my heart? I think no one is close to my heart as everyone is living in my heart.

3. Love is perfect when there is only "We" and no "I" or "You".

4. Agitations these days have become more fun then actual demand.

5. If you are not able to bring a smile on someone's face, no prob. Try to wipe out his/her tears as it is an equivalent act, do that.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love someone now and don't wait for the last breath.


2. a touch can tell you how much the other person loves you. It can give you a different feeling, sensation, warmth, unlimited satisfaction and lots more. The only thing is that we must have strong feelings for that person too.

3. I was walking through a garden n saw a flower lying on the earth, tears were in its eyes n a painful cry on its face, it was saying that i would have given u my fragrance n glory if i had been on plant but someone plucked me n threw me here, his cry made me to cry with it.


5. If you are in love with someone, express it now, don't wait for the other to come and express the same on you.

Love needs a click only to capture the image of others' heart.

1. Happiness can never be PUR-CHASED but always CHASED PURposely .

2. The fate of a child is decided at the time of his birth but it is equivalent to that stone which needs a goldsmith to make him a diamond.

3. Well spoken person is better than well behaved person.
Well behaved person is better than well mannered person.
Well mannered person is better than well cultured person.
Well Cultured person is better than well educated person.
Well Educated person is better than well dressed person.

But still we look and admire more to a well-dressed person than to a well-spoken.

4. Love needs a click only to capture the image of others' heart.

5. We all are clowns, laughing for others and crying for self.

Friday, March 11, 2011

B'fast quotes for today

1. Depression for those failures which are beyond our control is normal human nature and can happen to anyone but depression on our failures which can be corrected with our efforts is our weakness.
2. The present is the only chance to fulfill all our wishes and imaginations as past failed to fulfill them and present will add more to them.
3. Keep your eyes always open to see people around instead of closing them and then dreaming for people around.
4. Whenever we see in the horizon we find a meeting sky with earth. All we know that they never meet each other but still our eyes believe and think positive and so can see a meeting of both. This is the positivity in us. We have to explore that power.
5. Tears are good if bringing smile on someone's face but our smile is bad if bringing tears on others' face.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Let the light come from within

1. Sometime we shine but our light is not sufficient to enlighten e'thing but sometime we are enlightened with a small source of light and then sharing that small light brightens e'thing around us.

2. laughter is always good... jokes are always welcomed... people are always loved who share smiles...

3. Life is a racing trek, sometime straight, sometime full of dirt & mud, moving through snake like roads & zig-zags. Those who remove their eyes from the trek will be thrown out of the tournament and the one who drive in discipline will be the winner.

4.  Love is a feeling and an invitation.. Those who understand that invitation gets the love in their life.

5. The real magic lies in music...The real love is with passion...The real world is a world of imagination..