Thursday, May 03, 2012

We can see our LOVE even without opening our eyes.

1. Giving nothing in love means love has lost its beauty and charm.

2. It needs only one click to capture the image of your love.

3. Noone can hold the light in his hands but the light that comes from our heart and crossing through a loveful soul is always brighter than any other light.. We feel blessed and blissed with that light.

4. You can hide everything but you can never hide your feelings and your emotions for your love. It'll automatically tell the story of your heart..

5. The fire of love that begins from the bottom of our heart covers our whole body within seconds and that is the only fire which keeps us cool and comfortable.

6. Everybody see the world through their eyes and so miss lot of b'ful things. See the world through your heart and feel the difference.

7. Love doesn't need earth to put its foot or the sky to fload with the air. It always choose its own place to enjoy the togetherness only.

8. Burning desire is natural when we are in love. Those who want to stop it are doing injustice to their love. It is something that can be enjoyed to its maximum by sharing all your passion with your partner.

9. Eyes speak to eyes and lips speak to lips when they come in contact to each other. The most passionatic moment of your life when these parts joining together.

10. It can never be felt if it is without a sensation and it can never be enjoyed if it is without passion.. Love is something that brings e'thing in our life. It changes two souls and makes them feel as one only.