Saturday, April 21, 2012

You can not avoid your shadow and a true friend or a love is your shadow.

1. If silence is the solution of every problem then there'll be no language in this world as e'body would be moving without a word.

2. If we are committed we'll achieve the goal. Forget about the UPs and DOWNs of the life. We can finish the journey even on a bumpy and zig-zag road.

3. Chasing something that was never yours will give you nothing but will always keep you away from yourself too.

4. Noone can guarantee a safe move if steps are taken in darknesss and then our inner sense guides and stops us for taking a wrong step.

5. Love is a game, a pure game and e'body is playing this game. The only difference is , some want to play this game on same ground with same partner and rest keep on changing the ground and partners.

6. Love -- yes.. do it and don't forget to give it to someone even if you are in worst phase of your life. It brings joy, it brings happiness and it gives you inner satisfaction and peace direct at soul.

7. You can not avoid your shadow and a true friend or a love is your shadow.

8. A new relationship is always a commitment. If we dare to start it we should be committed also otherwise their is no fun in starting the relationship. Life can continue with existing one also.

9. Love is not a lesson which could be taught in classes or through lectures. It can be felt at heart n very few can enjoy it deep at soul.

10. True friend is the one who bring smile on your face and keeps you away from all the worries and tears.