Thursday, November 03, 2011


1. Look at someone, care for someone, need for someone, love to someone but don't ever ignore 'some' for that 'one'.. Others also need your love in their life.

2. Never ignore your critics as they are the right person to judge your faults and give you an opportunity to remove your shortcomings.

3. Let the love start today.. Nobody knows what would happen tomorrow.. Let it be the part of life from this moment only.

4. A difference created or a difference maintained, in both the conditions we are the losers. A difference avoided or a difference ignored, in both the conditions we are not earning or gaining anything. A difference removed or a difference is cleared, in both the conditions we'd be getting e'thing that we need in the life.

5. No limit in LOVE.. forget rest of the things if LOVE comes in the life. Allow it to capture your whole heart and then mind and then complete body. It should reflect from every action of your body.

6. Commit, accept and then respect but never suspect or regret, never interrogate. This is the beginning of true love.

7. Things gets polished and shine more when rubbed with the love among friends.

8. A genuine thought is routed always through our heart with its origin of our mind and reaching the destination of your mind and heart both :-)))

9. Living with a smile in this world costs nothing but generates lots of other smiles around us without any cost.

10. Fake energy in expressing the Love is more common these days than the real one.


  1. Very nice thoughts
    abt "Love "
    Baldev ji ..:)

  2. thank you so much Saroj... I was not able to view my blogs n now both r available to me.. thanks for your views