Saturday, March 02, 2013

For every beginning there is an end for a new start .. a cycle that continues.

1. The origin of my thought is my mind but the root of my imagination is my soul. I believe in my imagination and my thoughts follow my imagination. Thoughts may come and go but imaginations never leave us.

2. If I can control my feelings I'll be a saint but what is the fun of living then ... Life is been given to enjoy every moment and express all those feelings that brings happiness to self and to others.

3. We cannot reach our destination from a straight road.. So many turns on the way. So, be ready for a sharp turn too.

4. Be a preacher to yourself. No need to preach others as others have their own brain to think, their heart to feel and their own eyes to see the word.

5. Better you try to see things that your heart want to see.. don't involve your other senses into that.

6. When you want somebody to be with you, you'll find a person and that is you only.

7. Prayers always reach to God but only if these are for the betterment of others.

8. For every beginning there is an end for a new start .. a cycle that continues.

9. Before educating to others we should educate to self. Teaching is easy but learning is always difficult.

10. Love is an agreement and both are equally responsible for any breach. Attention is must from both the sides and mere promises can't give breath to this relation which is not a DEAD relation, its ALIVE.

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