Sunday, February 27, 2011

1. Our breath teaches us how to throw out all the bad things and accept good things in the Sun light but on the other hand strengthens us to absorb bad things also so that good things from us may reach to others.


We are always sad for the things which we can't get in our life but we never feel happy for the things which we have got from this life.


A handsome man with dirty mind and abusive tongue is worse than an ugly man with kind heart and polite always to others. A person can be judged by his face for his nature but the only thing is that whether we have those eyes which can distinguish between a good and a bad person. Try to improve your skill of recognizing the persons around you through meditation.

4. Every night when i go to my bed i spend few minutes to recollect all the work done by me whole day, all mistakes that i committed, all opportunities that i could not grab, if i had hurt anybody and finally i make a wish to rectify tomorrow all those blunders that i had done today. After that i really get a sound sleep.

5. Every morning when we wake up, we should be thankful to God for giving us one extra day of life, for assigning some more duties to perform n lot of powers to handle all the situations. 

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