Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A diverted mind can never bring the passion in relationship.

1. A step further could take us to our destiny..We all need a courage to take that one step..
2. Getting the heart of a woman is like climbing on Mt.Everest and those dedicated and determined only can do that.
3. If I have to exchange something with you then I'd like to exchange your nature with mine as I like you as YOU.
4. No doubt that experience give us courage to use the right path in future but still we love go the previous way. Why so? Just because to get something which couldn't be received in PAST.
5. Whenever we take a step in love we never think about rest of the steps as foot automatically starts walking deep into it.
6. A diverted mind can never bring the passion in relationship.
7. We are nothing if we are unable to recognize the one who is ready to share with us his/her e'thing.
8. Beauty can be a reason to fall in love but can't be a guarantee to stay in love forever. It needs good understanding between two.
9. We need only few emotionally spoken words to bring someone into heart rather to use thousands of words without emotions.
10. Love makes someone perfect in seconds because our heart accept him as the only one meant for us.

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