Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Never allow your mind to stop you when your heart want to say something to someone.

1. There is no need of words to understand love but words can take this love to new heights.
2.  Fighting a battle n living with love are same as both needs dare n courage, dedication to go through.
3. The value of a gift can never be assessed until it is unwrapped completely.... life is also a gift and we all need to unwrap it, read it n understand it before reacting.
4. Never allow your mind to stop you when your heart want to say something to someone. 
5. Never think that you'll loose or gain a lot in a day. Just think that how much experience you gain out of every loss and how much you can sacrifice or share with others out of your gain.
6.  Life is a complete bouquets of happiness, sorrows, pains & hopes. We have to decide the best way to pick them up.
7. Sun rays fall on e'thing on this Earth but things which have power to glow can only shine brighter in those rays.
8. Others can only boost up our confidence but can't take it to new heights... It is only our will power n self motivational capability which help us to take it to new height... So, always believe in your power only.
9. The relations between friends is like two parallel lines. The togetherness can be enjoyed till the lines are running parallel. Any diversion of even a centimeter may cause either a clash or the increasing distance between two.
10. We can expect something from our kids only if we r fully attached to them. Ignorance once may really cause a difference for lifetime.

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