Friday, June 22, 2012

Keep them in your heart who know when and how to breath for you.

1. We cannot stop the breeze to enter into the house even if we are standing at the middle of the door.  Love is a breeze and it takes its own path to enter into your heart and no obstacle can stop it.

2. Is there anything that can separate two hearts when two souls already decided to stay together? Listen to heart but stay in your soul.

3. Keep them in your heart who know when and how to breath for you.

4. There is no better place than the one we are enjoying now. We can get maximum out of it and hunt for more always brings depression and irritation. Be with the one you love and get the best connection.

5. Your heart always likes so many but keeps one name at its core and that one name is printed on every heartbeat that comes with every breath. No one can erase this printed image of that name.

6. A day starts with a morning and ends with the night but presence in love started when their hearts became one and that'll never end.

7. With you and within YOU ... that's what we all need to promote our LOVE and preserve forever.

8. Its not 'ME' or 'YOU' ..... its 'WE' .... together.. forever.. that's what we need to, bring the passion in it and get almost covered into that. Life is to love and not to waste.

9. Anything that brings a shine or a peace of light in you is something that will always keep you glowing and blooming. Your power is what you feel for someone and never make it your weakness. Get it and enjoy it.

10. If you can feel or if you can see your hearts are flying with your imaginations then hold the hands of the person with whom you got those feelings and give him/her all your dreams.

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