Saturday, December 18, 2010

My quotes for my friends

Some of my thoughts that I'd like to share with you friends:
1. Love needs a click only to capture the image of others' heart.
2Those who don't trust on themselves will never trust on others too.
3. We all are clowns, laughing for others and crying for self.
4. Sometime we are not with words but our expressions speak a lot.
5. Accept with folded hands whatever we are getting from this life, to this life and for this life.
6. The magic of love can be seen if we have love for others in our heart.
7. Love the work and the work will automatically bring lot of happiness and satisfaction.
8. Looking into the eyes of your beloved is your meeting with the God.
9. Believing in luck is good but depending on luck is dangerous.
10.Set the goal and hit the ball but remember your eyes must be on the target only.

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