Monday, December 27, 2010

love and f'ship

1. Friendship is not a word or a relationship only but it's a promise, a commitment and those who can hold their promise, their commitment are always good friends.
2. Our patience always play the key role in our success.
3. The wish that originates from our heart, passes through our imaginations, takes the velvet touch of our feelings, joins the fragrance of our smiles and then comes out of our lips is always the BEST gift that we can give someone on this occasion.
4. We always fly on the wings of our imaginations.
5. Look forward, keep all the hopes alive, never expect more than luck, be satisfied with what we have, shower the smile to others, share the love we have and always pray to God. These are few MANTRAS (Rules) for a happy life and bringing people close to each other.
6. Those who can hold their tears are always ready to bring smiles on others' face.
7. If we believe in LOVE then we should believe in GOD also as LOVE is GOD and GOD is LOVE.
8. Nice people always leave their footprints so that others can follow them.
9. Our attitude is reflected in our work and our work is recognized by our attitude.
10. Love can't bring money but can bring peace. On the other hand money can bring love but not surety of peace.

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