Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friends are LOVE birds.

1. Nobody can change his future but he can change his habits and i m sure by changing his habits he can change his future also

2. A person can not be treated as smart if only he himself feels like that but he can be treated as smart if others feel like that. One should make himself as smart as others want him to be. Let me see wht others feel abt me, hehehehe

3. If you want to keep me in your mind so that you can remember me always then i'll say sorryyyy.. plz dont do that ........u know y becoz i do not want to be in ur mind, i want 2 live in ur heart so that i can show my presence with your heartbeats and can share all ur sorrows, happiness, emotions, feelings with u

4.  The day I feel that i can live without friends will be the last day of my life......On the other hand...the day i observe that my friends can live without me will be the worst day of my life......

5.  "I" is made up of one letter,,,,,"WE" is made up of two letters and "ALL" is made of three which means "ALL" contains maximum letters. Then why to think and pray for "I" and "WE" only,,,think and pray always for "ALL" i.e. maximum. It will give u maximum satisafaction in you me :)

6. Love needs a click only n the whole image is captured for lifetime in our heart.

7.  Though my whole life is dedicated to my family and maximum portion of my heart is captured by them but still i have vacated some room deep in my heart and it'll be reserved always for my lovely friends like you.

8.  Its very very difficult to find friends in such a huge world but it is almost impossible to forget a friend becoz friends always live in the heart. Love can die but f'ship never dies.

9.  There is difference in love and attraction. No doubt that we get attracted easily towards opposite sex, it doesn't mean that we are in love with other guy but if we are in love with somebody the attraction will be only for him and not for others.

10.  Love is a gift from God,,We must love others but it should be upto level of affection,,it should not be upto level of passion.

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