Saturday, April 09, 2011

no one is inferior or better than other

1. We can never expect a good day everyday but we can hope for at least one good thing everyday so that we can feel the day as the best day of the life.
2. My journey started with crippling and others taught me how to move. I am still learning from others how to live and after some time I'd be learing how to die. So, I am always a student who learn on every step from the people around me.
3. We can ask someone to come close to us but we can't force them to come so close that we can feel them in our heart. It needs a good understanding between two to feel close to each others' heart.
4. If you want to learn something from someone then learn it from leaves who give life to us when they are on tree by giving fresh air and to tree after falling on earth by changing into manure.
5. We can't expect a sword to work like a needle and similarly a needle is useless where the sword is needed which means e'body has got his/her importance and no one is inferior or better than other.

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