Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sometime words speak and sometime heart speaks

1. Winning spirit is good but winning spirit at any cost is not always good.
2. whenever we abuse others our whole body n heart cries and no one care for that but when we praise others our whole body smiles and e'body can feel it.
3. Sometime words speak and sometime heart speaks but e'time we are touched with the emotions involved into it. So, let all the words gather together to force the heart to speak their language in it's own style. And e'body knows that when heart speaks it always speaks the language of 'love'
4. The non-receiving of the things we wish can disappoint us but can't stop us to wish for the same. So, keep all the hopes alive and have faith in your inner powers.
5. 'Love' shown by expression is better than the 'love' shown by passion because 'love' with 'passion' can be spontaneous and may leave us without 'love' soon. 

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