Monday, October 17, 2011

Love can remove all the pains.

1. Sensation is the prime key to enjoy the presence of the person you like the most.

2. There is no need to live or enjoy the moment of passion with the person you love as loving him/her itself is the most passionate feeling and keeps us alive with full of peace and happiness.

3. Life full of love is the life full of happiness.

4. We can express our love in few words but we can't hold this love for a whole life unless our words are supported with our heart beats.

5. Love can remove all the pains.

6. Beauty shines more when we admire it and appreciate it.

7. No one can measure the depth of the Sea and so is our heart. Hard to find the depth but always giving a floating sensation and a sailing journey.

8. The morning rays always come to us but very few enjoy the rising Sun.   But friends always enjoy every second with memory of our loving friends.

9. Nobody knows from where this happiness comes but is it necessary to search for a happiness? Happiness can never be searched as it is created inside.

10. We can't become a role model for e'thing but we could become a small part of that chain of role models which brings a motion in the life.

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