Monday, October 31, 2011

One word 'love' drives the whole 'world'

1. Living together without 'like' and liking without 'living together'. Both situation bring pain but first one is surely going to bring a disaster to life and second one will always give a meaning to life.

2. Sometime we want to stay away from them who are living in our heart and sometime we want to get a room in other's heart who are nowhere related to us.. This is the strange world of 'love', 'attraction' and 'passion'.

3. One word 'love' drives the whole 'world'.

4. Love speaks but with a silent tongue.

5. True love always speaks through our eyes and people with love can understand it easily.

6. The life in which we can surrender ourselves to someone is the real life and rest is simply living and wasting of every hour.

7. Speaking without understanding the subject matter means speaking for nothing.

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