Saturday, March 24, 2012

When there is nothing to speak means there is everything to accept.

1. Love needs an open eye, open mind and open heart but works better with closed eyes, closed minds and closed hearts... a matter of feelings....

2. Science tells a different story but e'body knows that when heart starts working it gets attached directly to others...

3. Things can easily be sorted out if we are ready to solve them..

4. If we can kill something today then we must kill our Ego as it is the killer of our respect in others' eyes.

5. We are simple human being... not biased.. we have one mind to think and one heart to breath... our mind works all the time.. Our eyes see the beauty around and our mind decides whether to accept it or not... best part is not if we stay away from things or people we like or love the most but best part is that we accept them by heart and keep them always there...

6. Love n passion.... club them and enjoy the dancing sky... separate them n make a hell around.

7. Love never takes any test but we always try to test the Love.... human nature.

8. Speaking is the power given by God to us but listening is the power developed by us only..

9. When there is nothing to speak means there is everything to accept.

10. God has given us power to LOVE everyone but we are keeping it on a least use and hence, wasting most of the power given by HIM...

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