Saturday, March 24, 2012

Feelings of LOVE is good but enjoying the LOVE is THE Best.

1. We have our own living style and nature.. we can not change it for someone. Those who expect us to change it for them must have the courage to face another change next time for someone else..

2. Your dreams are your targets and your dedication is your strength.. apply it and reach to your target...
3. We have a heart which breaths for us, lives for us, gives for us and forgives for us but at the same time cries for others too.
4. We are here on this Earth with a limited edition and conditional warranty period.. nothing is assured... but we have all the options to ensure that this limited edition or warranty period is not wasted .. so enjoy the life as much as you can...
5. Our heart is like an ocean.. So many things deep inside but still cool n calm on the top, at surface.
6. The strongest man is not the one having strong body but he is who got strongest feelings of love for others. Similarily the prettiest woman is not the one who got a gorgeous look but she is the one who could manage a room in someone's heart.
7. No doubt that feelings of LOVE is good but enjoying the LOVE is THE Best.
8. One can take his own route to reach at the top but shouldn't forget to follow others who had done it previously. It may help him avoiding toughest route.
9. I can choose my way but can't force others to come and join me.. its a matter of choice and apply to all.
10.  A short message or a long story, e'thing has got an End... same is with our life.. so, why to waste this precious gift.. let we live and enjoy it to its fuller length..

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