Monday, February 11, 2013

Be in someone and get someone in.

1. We all need only one shoulder where we could stay and forget our pain. If a person is not satisfied with one then he/she needs a doctor and should move on a stretcher.

2. Professionalism is good but relations never depend on profession. Relations need a personal attachment. Keep your relation away from your Profession.

3. Your smile is your beauty. Forget about the mirror.. Try to see your beauty in the eyes of your friends, your partner and your relation.

4. One step in love brings you two steps closer to the person you love if both are moving towards each other and takes two steps away if moving in different direction. Chose your direction properly.

5. Give yourself a thought but a meaningful only. Accept what is for you and prove it as the best one.

6. If you find nothing there at ur heart then you'll find peace.If you find something there at your heart then its confusion.If you find everything there at your heart then you are full of love n peace.

7. Life without LOVE, Life with LOVE and Life after LOVE .. 
Life without LOVE - These people are useless as they have either never tried to get it or failed to sustain it.
Life with LOVE - Best part of their life and enjoying every moment of their life.
Life after LOVE - In or Out ... depends... break-ups or separation are next to hell. The real life is when we are 'IN'. Feel it, flavor the fire and fragrance to both.

8. Be in someone and get someone in.

9. We always try to read every new page of our life but at the same time forget the previous one. The one that gave us so many lessons from thoughtful past and unforgettable memories.

10. There is always a thin line of tears behind every smile but courageous one hide it in such a way that others can't see the salty water in that line. They get the sweetness of that smile only. :-)

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