Monday, February 11, 2013

Prayers work immediately when we give them a touch of our heart.

1. There is always a corner in every heart which allows someone to enter in the heart n occupy that corner. An unconditional invitation.

2. Ignorance is the killer of any relation.

3. Everything looks pretty when we get positive people with small cheeks but big smiles :-)

4. There is no limit or quantum fixed in Love. More you give, maximum you get.

5. Class and Mass.. two categories.. no one can ignore one for another.. It is not important who is with us but important is that who stays with us.

6. Prayers work immediately when we give them a touch of our heart.

7. Ignorance is the best tool to ask a person to stay away from someone's life. We should give full respect to their decision as going against their decision may irritate them more and force them to ignore us with red eyes.

8. A love has no language but love itself is a language.. A love has no definition but it could define itself.. A love has no physical form but it forms its own physic in people.. A love has no approval but it get approval of every breathing heart.

9. God and Love.. both can never be seen but still we feel them and get a different feeling whenever we are with them.

10. Never get disappointed if the person you love do not love you.. It is their fault as they are unable to keep their love with them... You are with love and your love will give you an opportunity to see your love everywhere.

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